Monday, June 18, 2007

Sustainable? It Goes Without Saying!

Comments are still coming in following the second Beauty Goes Green webinar on June 5. Check out the response today from Suzanne at the post Webinar Conversation Continues Here, and last Friday's comments from Tina and BethAnn at the post Competing on Green.

It seems you can't pick up a newspaper or magazine these days without encountering a story about living green and building sustainable businesses. A great comment came my way recently from Davide Nicosia, principal and creative director of NiCE LTD, a multi-discipline creative agency. He said "Sustainable design is a great trend. Hopefully in ten years we will never have to talk about it again. Sustainable design will be inherently good design practice, a "given", an "entry point," an "of course." Now we have to rush to make it invisible as quickly as possible. Let's do it!"

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Anonymous Anthony Di Maio said...

I just think its very funny when you hear big corporations like Wal-Mart & Target talk about Eco-Friendly packaging and sustainable packaging. On the same token they say that its imperative to have your product in a package that is eco-friendly but when they force their suppliers to purchase from China for pricing concerns those manufacturers may make the packaging to be sustainable but the manufacturing process to make them in China is destroying the enviornment. So where are we improving the environment? I think we are only improving Wal-Marts pockets...

3:16 PM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for commenting, Anthony. It is a very real concern that some efforts to produce environmentally friendly alternatives may be doing more harm -- or at least as much harm -- as using and disposing of unfriendly items.

3:25 PM, July 03, 2007  

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