Friday, November 03, 2006

Wrinkle Power?

As fine fragrance struggles, can luxury skin care be the new focus of prestige packaging? I was thrilled to be asked to participate on the annual Marc Rosen panel at LuxePack last week, replacing a speaker whose plans changed at the last minute. The panel, called “Turning Back Time – Packaging the Promise,” included Peter Lichtenthal of MAC Cosmetics, Pamela Vaile of Pamela Vaile Associates and Gus Bezas of Milbar Labs. Marc led a wide-ranging discussion of current market trends for skin care, antiaging concepts, antiaging function in color cosmetics and packaging for luxury skin care. Of course, the questions surrounding antiaging skin care concern much more than packaging. The siren call of antiaging skin care is reaching a younger audience all the time. Can the products currently on the market benefit twenty- and thirty-something skin? Or will we see a return to simple moisturizers? The aged, wrinkles and all, were once revered for their knowledge and experience. Can there be a campaign for real aging? Is there a market for products that accentuate -- no, glorify -- wrinkles?


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