Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Professional Product Update

I had the great good fortune to get out of the cold of the U.S. midwest this weekend, to attend Durocher Enterprises The Business of Beauty on the Beach, in Miami. This was a conference for spa and salon owners and service providers and featured several interesting speakers who, for me, shed some light on the product needs of spa goers and some interesting buisnesses serving the spa market. Mary Blackmon, founder/CEO of SpaAddicts.com shared results of a survey that said the majority of folks believe spa treatments are too expensive, that most go to feel pampered, and that massage edged out facial as the most desired treatment. I don't know if there are any big surprises there.

Nick Arrojo, hair stylist and owner of Arrojo Studio in New York, is known to many as the hair makeover guy on TLC's What Not to Wear. In addition to the studio, Nick has a product company, and says he is "navigating" that end of the business, aiming his products at the masstige market. More from Miami later, plus news from the Personal Care Products Council annual meeting being held just up the coast starting Wednesday.


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