Monday, August 28, 2006

Dark Victory?

The first reviews are in on Chandler Burr’s new perfume criticism column for the New York Times. Burr is the author of the book The Emperor of Scent about Luca Turin. As GCI reported last Friday, Burr will use the space to rate perfumes and other scented items on a four-star system.

Mimifroufrou at Scented Salamander questioned the four-star rating system. Blogger Arianna Huffington weighed in on the new Scent Strip column in the New York Times, not because she’s a fan of fragrance or of author/critic Chandler Burr, but rather to make a point about what the paper is NOT covering. Any press is good press, right?

So, if you saw the column in yesterday’s paper, what did you think? Can a high-profile column on fragrance be a shot in the arm for the industry? Do you regularly read a beauty or fragrance blog?


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