Monday, August 07, 2006

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The earliest communities came together out of the desire for mutual protection against predators and nature and for the division of labor, all in the interest of survival. Today, with our protection left to the professionals, people seek like-minded individuals to share information to grow in a business, interest or skill.

GCI’s BeautyUnion Today is the online place to discuss news and resources of interest to the beauty industry. I’m excited to launch this forum to share more of the interesting information that crosses my desk every day, and to invite you to add your thoughts and comments to my postings. So, let’s get started.

The news last week of P&G’s 36% net income growth in its fiscal fourth quarter got a lot of business press coverage. Bruce Nussbaum comments regularly on innovation and consumer experience in his blog, NussbaumOnDesign at BusinessWeek online. On August 2, he wrote “Consumer experience is one of many expressions of innovation. P&G is good at it, good at design strategy and good at innovation.” He went on to say that companies that are experiencing that kind of growth are the ones that keep innovating.

The beauty industry talks a lot about innovation, but are we talking about the right things? To innovate is to effect change, but is every change an innovation? What’s really behind this constant urge to innovate? Please share your thoughts with the readers of GCI and BeautyUnion Today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Innovation is a buzz word with no real meaning anymore. Webster defines innovation as the introduction of something new, a new idea, method or device, a novelty. When it comes right down to it, is anything really new anymore in our industry? Often, it is the same products with the same basic names and only the advertising has changed. Marketing uses newer and sometimes zany ads, as well as variations in packaging, to grab the consumer's attention. It isn't that the product, packaging or even the ad itself that is really new, but these devices include attention grabbing elements or some shock value, which makes the viewing public think they are new and innovative.
True innovation creates something different and unique. Our industry isn't really innovative, but instead, we repackage the familiar with familiar reworked ideas. It isn't innovation, but stagnation.
How do we change that? Perhaps by stepping away from the way things have always been done to go in a different direction all together. Dove has definitely demostrated the possibilities involved in going out of the comfort zone of models in ads that have nothing to do with the product being toted. I don't know that it is completely innovative, but it is a move in a new direction.

10:03 AM, August 09, 2006  

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